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Ministry of Justice to Take Legal Action against Social Organizations Carrying out Political Activities

Saturday, August 22, 2018

Based on paragraph (2) article (5) of Associations Law, Associations issued licenses by Ministry of Justice, shall not have the right to carry out political activities. “Associations shall not resort to political activities or stipulate political issues in their pertinent charters”. As per the amended paragraph (3) article (23) of Associations Law published on May 02, 2017 in the Official Gazette, “If during the supervision as per the provision of paragraph (1) of this article, it is recognized that the activity of the association is contradicted to the provisions of the enforced laws and relevant charter, or that the location of its office is not specific, the Directorate for Registration of Political Parties and Social Organizations will remove the name of the association from the registry and invalidate its license”. Therefore, those social organizations carrying out political activities, strict legal action will be taken against them by Ministry of Justice besides invalidating their licenses.

Ministry of Justice earnestly requests the detective organs to notify the Ministry of justice on every sort of violation of social organizations. Likewise, Ministry of Justice seeks cooperation of the citizens to notify this Ministry regarding every kind of violation of the social organizations via the website of Ministry of Justice (Complains Section), Social Pages of Ministry of Justice or to call to the phone number 0765555605.

The rate of requests for Afghan citizenship revocation decreased since establishment of the National Unity Government

Before 2012, the number of applicants renouncing Afghan citizenship was not significant; approximately 1,000 people each year requested renunciation from 2012 to 2015.

Since establishment of the National Unity Government, around 800 people each year request to renounce their citizenship. This shows a decrease of 200 in the number of applications for renunciation of Afghan citizenship each year.

From 2014 until 2015, the number of foreign nationals applying for Afghan citizenship was 102.

Between 2015 and 2016, 27 individuals applied to gain Afghan citizenship.

Most of the applicants renouncing Afghan citizenship come from those living in Iran. According to the applicants, they need to withdraw their Afghan citizenship to gain citizenship of another country since laws of some countries do not accept dual-citizenship. The requests to gain Afghan citizenships are from nationals of neighboring countries mainly due to marriage with Afghan citizens.