Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department, is one of the main departments of the Justice Ministry of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This department was established in 2009 as per the new pay & grade system. The Department of Human Resources in general, has the responsibility of human resources of the Justice Ministry.

Structure of Human Resources Department:

  • Sub department of Recruitment: this Sub department has in its structure three (3) posts of general management (general recruitment management (central), general recruitment management (provincial), general management for downsize and recruitment of contract based staff) and two (2) management and one (1) officer (central recruitment management, provincial recruitment management and downsizing & recruiting officer).
  • Sub department of Records, Database and Performance Appraisal: this Sub department has in its structure two (2) posts of general management (general management of database and general management of performance appraisal), five (5) posts of management (management of records and retirement (central), management of records and retirement (provincial), database management, attendance management and management of performance appraisal) and 2 posts of officer-ship (attendance officer and member of records and retirement (central)).  
  • Sub department of Administration Development; this sub department has two (2) posts of general management (general management of classification and job analysis and general management of planning) and two (2) posts of management (management of analysis and classification of jobs and management of planning human resources).
  • Sub department of Employees Relations; this Sub department has one post of medical doctor and one post on accurately and safely addressing complains.
  • Sub department of Training and Capacity Building: this Sub department has one (1) post of general management for drafting and implementing training programs, one (1) post of management for need assessment, monitoring and evaluating training programs, one (1) post of need assessment and training officer, three (3) posts of legal instructors, one (1) post of management instructor and one (1) post of instructor for Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.

Main Goals of Human Resources Department:

To absorb, train, build and maintain work deserving resources in order to achieve the goals of the Ministry.

Main duties of Human Resources Department:

  • Application of administrative reforms in cooperation with the working group of the Ministry and under the Instructions of Independent Commission of Administrative Reforms and Civil Services.
  • Implementation of laws, regulations, bills and guidelines relevant to the activities of this department in all areas and in a timely manner.
  • Recruitment of eligible persons, and absorbing of experienced persons through open competition and observation of merit system and impartiality principle.
  • Management and monitoring of performance appraisal of civil servants and make decisions in implementation and its future outcomes in order to improve the steps in the new pay & grade system framework;
  • Regulation of records and personal affairs of civil servants of the Ministry and to include all information in  human resources relevant database;
  • Regulation and review of training need assessment and development of plans and implementation of training programs for capacity building;
  • Drafting, arranging, regulating and development of administration structure according to the strategy and requirements of the Ministry;
  • Implementation of the new system of pay and grade in Justice Ministry;
  • Planning of Human Resources in Justice Ministry;
  • Addressing applications of the staff of Justice Ministry;
  • Management of issues related to health and safety of the staff;
  • Introducing staff of the Ministry to training programs inside and outside the country;
  • Determining work load of the departments, specification of departments, analyzation of jobs and development of ToRs for each post;
  • Managing issues related to exceptional salaries of the staff of the Ministry;