Introduction of the Gender Department, Office of the Deputy Minister (Admin. & Finance)

The Sub-department of Gender was established in (2011). This Sub-department cooperates in promoting the process of establishing justice and social gender equality, empowering the working women, upgrading the level of quality services by women staff members, ensuring immunity and physical and mental security of all staff members, in particular, women in their working environment and providing working opportunities for men and women with the Directorates of the Ministry of Justice, such as Directorate of Human Resource, that is the direct responsible of the training and development of women staff members of Ministry of Justice.

Structure of Sub-department of Gender

This Sub-department has two positions of experts.

Main Objectives of Sub-department of Gender

  • Access to employment of 30% of women in the work force of the Ministry of Justice until 2017;
  • Upgrading the professional and development knowledge level of female staff members of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Promoting gender equality in the working environment in order to raise the knowledge in the Ministry of Justice;
  • Increasing access to proper working environment for women; and
  • Development of the Sub-department and capacity building of the Gender Unit of Ministry of Justice.

Main Duties of the Sub-department of Gender

  • Following and Implementing the basics of the National Development Strategy, National Working Plan of Women and other National and International documents, enforced in the area of promotion and gender equality;
  • Organizing and Coordinating affairs relevant to gender in the Ministry of Justice;
  • Developing and strengthening the essentials of gender equality in the Ministry of Justice;
  • Increasing the female staff members and practicing positive discrimination toward women as the interim measure in order to promote and spread the presence of women in the Ministry of Justice;
  • Capacity building and enhancing academic and working skills of women in the ministry (taking the gender equality process into account);
  • Ensuring secure working environment, free of all types of discrimination, sexual and psychological harassment for the female staff members in the Ministry of Justice.