Biography of Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, Minister of Justice Of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Early Life:

Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar was born in an educated, open minded family, in 1331 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has obtained his primary and secondary education from the Naderia High School in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Education Background:

- Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies, from the Multan University, Pakistan, 1998         

- Master’s Degree in Political Science and Administration, from the Islamic Academy of Science and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan,1990

- Master’s degree in General Medicine, from Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1978  


As the Minister of Justice, After 2015

Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, considers the change in methods of establishing relations with the national and international organizations, one of the goals of his activities; It is therefore, he regularly participates in the national and international conferences. On these bases, he has been able to successfully draw and maintain the attention of many national and international organizations towards the Ministry of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Brief and Notable Accomplishments:

- Completion of the Criminal Code of Afghanistan, Child Rights Protection Law, and other important laws;

- Singing of the Juridical and Legal Agreement with His Excellency, the Justice Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

- Developing the Legislative Stage Training Program;

- Drafting, Scrutinizing and Processing of 300 Legislative Documents During the first three years of National unity Government ;   

- Introduction of more than 100 staff members of the Ministry of Justice to the BA and Masters programs;

- Prevention from usurpation of land, movable and immovable property of the government;

- Considering/attending the legal applications of the citizens;

- Construction of three buildings of the Provincial Departments of Justice and three buildings of the Child Rehabilitation Centers in accordance with standards;

- Utterly combating against the corruption;

- Moving the Ministry of Justice Office from the Pashtunistan Square to the Wazir Akbar Khan area- because the Ministry building in the Pashtunistan Square was not in a proper location.

- Participation in International Conferences of Ministers of Justice of Shanghai Organization and Other Relevant International Conferences;

- Participation in the Legal Forum of Saint Petersburg Istanbul Morocco; 

Dr. Abdul Baseer Anwar, in order to raise the capacity of the staff members of the Justice Ministry, has facilitated the languages learning courses, technology skills and other training programs, with the cooperation of some organizations.

He plans to establish the system of electronic governance in the Ministry in center and in the provinces; also, explores better ways to increase the awareness of staff members on law related issues.


Work Experiences

- Advisor to the President on social issues, 2012 – 2015, Kabul;

- Deputy Minister of Public Health and Acting Minister of Public Health, in 1996, Kabul;

- Member of the Leadership High Council of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Kabul;

- Advisor to the President of Afghanistan, 1995, Kabul;

- Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 1992-94;

- Member of the Drafting and Ratification Commission of the Constitution of the Islamic Interim–Government of Afghanistan, 1993;

- Special Representative of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the national and international conferences, from 1997 -2001;

- Representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC) in Bandung, Indonesia, 1991;

- Member of the Election Commission of the Afghan Mujahideen Interim Government 1986-1990;

- Member of the Codification Commission of the Provisional Constitution 1986-1990;

- Member of the Leadership Council of the Islamic Alliance of the Afghan Mujahideen;

- Director General of Public Health, of the Afghan Mujahideen Interim Government and member of the Steering Committee;

- Director General of the Public Health of the Hezb-i-Islamic Afghanistan (HIA)

- Member of the founding members of the Islamic University of Afghanistan;

- Professor in the Medical Faculty of the Islamic University of Afghanistan;

- Professor and head of the Islamic Culture, Islamic University of Afghanistan.


Social Responsibilities

- Member of the Board of Governors, Islamic Academy of Science and Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan;

- Member of the larger delegation of reconciliation between the Jihadi groups, Peshawar, Pakistan; and Kabul;

- Member of the Organizing Committee of the Sypris Conference for restoring peace in Afghanistan; Sypris;

- Member of the Peace and National Unity Forum for Afghanistan, Peshawar;

- Member of Delegation of the Sypris Process in the Bonne Conference on Afghanistan in 2001, Bonne, Germany.



Dari, Pashto, English, Arabic and Urdu