Biography of H.E Dr. Zakia Adeli - Deputy Minister - Social Affairs

Biography of Dr. Zakia Adeli

Personal Background:

Dr. Zakia Adeli born in 1359 in an enlightened and religious family. She has completed her studies from the preliminary up to the highest level in Iran. She is a PhD holder in politics.

Educational Background:

- PhD in Politics, Teachers Training University, Tehran, Iran;

- Masters in Politics, Khwarzami University, Tehran, Iran;

- BA in Politics, Islamic Azad University, Iran;

Work Experience:

  • Lecturer, Department of Political Sciences and International Relations Kabul University, 1396 till now;
  • Head of Researches Committee of Law and Political Sciences Faculty, Kabul University, 1396 till now;
  • Head of Women Studies Department, Andeesha Foundation, early 1394 till now;
  • Head of Political Sciences Faculty, Kateb University, 1393-1396;
  • Co-lecturer in non-profit institutions, Tehran, Iran, 1387 -1391;
  • Director, Women Wing, DACAR Organization, Herat, Afghanistan, 1381-1382;
  • Designer and Director of Refugees Public Library, under UNHCR, Iran,1376 – 1378;
  • Founder and Director of Refugees Cultural Society, Iran 1373–1376;

As MOJ's Deputy Minister - Social Affairs

This position has been newly established in 1397, which has the responsibility to address directly the affairs of General Directorate of Legal Aid, Directorate of Human Rights, Directorate of Coordination and Registration of Political Parties and Social Organizations and the Sub-directorate of Gender, of the Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Executive Background:

  • Member of the committee to hold elections of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Iran, 1383;
  • Designer and Executive Manger of Enrolling Afghan Students to Berjend University, Iran, without the entry test, 1374–1376;

Compilations and Researches:

  • UN Security Council and Transformations in Afghanistan, Irfan Publications, (1386);
  • Post-colonial Situation and Multiplicity of Constitutions of Afghanistan, Kateb Publications, (1394);
  • Women Status in Underdeveloped Countries (Collection of Papers)- to be published;
  • Collection of Poems (gloomy beauty/ Zeebayee Mah Aalood) to be published.

Academic- Research Papers:

  • Scientific and Research paper on Evolution of Diplomacy in Islam and International Law, published in Mujalla-i- Elmi, Kabul University 1396;
  • Scientific and Research paper on Implementation Analysis of the Electoral Laws of 1343 and 1364 of Afghanistan, published in Faslnama-i-Andeesha-i-Mo-aasir, 1395;
  • Scientific and Research paper on typology of Afghanistan’s Constitutions in the light of principles of the Constitution, published in Middle East Scientific Research Quarterly, 1395;
  • Scientific and Research paper on Democracy Pathology in Afghanistan, published in Faslnama-i- Kateb 1394;
  • Scientific – specialty paper on the UN Viewpoint regarding the Role of Women in Peace, published in Faslnama-i- Mutaliaat Strategic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1393;
  • Scientific and Research paper on Fragility of Democracy in Afghanistan (King Zahir Shah and the new era), International Relations Scientific Researches Quarterly, 1392;
  • Scientific and Research paper on the Manners of Keeping the Women Backwarded in the post-colonial era, one of the favorite papers of World Council of Women and Islamic Rising 1391;
  •  And other papers;
  • Guide, consultant and judge for more than 200 Masters level educations Thesis;
  • Academic secretary and member of editorial board of academic-specialty publications (Faslnama-i- Andeesha-i-Mo-aasir, Faslnama-i- Syasat Khariji, Faslnama-i-Kateb, Faslnama-i- Huqooq wa Syasat, Faslnama-i-Khawar-i-miana puzohee)


  1. Dari;
  2. Pashto; and
  3. English;