Introduction of the “Legal Awareness Monthly”

This publication, with the purpose of raising the information level of the Afghan citizens on legal issues, with its first publication as a journal, in Hamal 1386 (March/April 2005) by the Board of Advertisements and Publications of Public Awareness of Central Directorate-General of Huqooq, joined the Press Convoy of the country.

This Legal Awareness journal has a statute, which is comprised of three chapters and eighteen articles. The first chapter elucidates the publication, the second chapter explains the structure (tashkeel) and the third chapter defines the working procedures of the journal.

The third Article of the Legal Awareness journal explicates legal issues; such as civil and commercial rights, basic rights and the obligations of the citizens, international conventions/ treaties, particularly, the women rights, human rights and the children rights, rights of prisoners and detained people, and other legal issues.

This legal awareness journal was, initially published as an occasional journal, then upgraded to a, biweekly, and since recently, it is again published as a monthly. At the outset, its senior editor was Mr. Abdul Qadir Adalatkhwa, the then Director General of Huqooq in center. Then Mr.  Hafizullah Zaki took charge of the editorial board, and after him Mr. Naseem Barna, the  then Director General of Huqooq in center took his place, and the chief editor was Ms. Durdana Afzali, the then head of the Publication and Awareness Board of the Directorate General of Huqooq in center, who is currently a member of the civil rights education trainers. The editorial board of the monthly is comprised of: Mr. Abdur-Rahman Azimi, Faizullah Khwaja Amani, Mohammad Arif Sabah, Ms. Gulalai Sangarkhil Azizi, Mr. Dost Mohammad Arif and Mr. Shafiqullah Nabizadah. Mr. Bashir Ahmad Azizi is the reporter of this publication.

According to the Article (10) of chapter (2) of the statute, this publication is comprised of a senior editor, editor, editorial board and a reporter. From the first publication, now ten years have passed and until now, 155 issues of the Legal Awareness journal have been published for the study of our compatriots.

The articles published in the Legal Awareness Monthly are gathered and at the end of each year, published in a form of book, titled, “Collections of the Legal Articles” with the financial assistance of the GIZ and distributed. Up till now, six volumes of the book, “Collections of the Legal Articles” have been printed and disseminated to the public for the purpose of raising their legal knowledge.