Department of Admin & finance

the Department of Administration was established within the Ministry of Justice in 1341. The Department of Administration is composed of a Director, four operational Directorates and a correspondence Directorate as follows:

  • Directorate of Finance and Accounting (20 employees)
  • Directorate of Logistics and Services (14 employees)
  • Directorate of Information Technology (IT) (8 employees)
  • Directorate  of Assets Management  (8 employees)
  • Administrative management (4 employees) including head of administration office.

In total, there are 127 employees within the Department of Administration.
Key Activities of the Administration Department  

  • Providing administrative, financial, logistical, IT services and support to the Ministry.
  • Maintaining employee and contractor records.
  • Allocating budgets for the central and provincial offices.
  • Collecting revenues on behalf of the Ministry and depositing them to the general account of government revenues.
  • Preparing the annual ordinary and development budgets of the Ministry of Justice
  • Providing transportation facilities for the Ministry’s employees
  • Protecting and maintaining properties of the Ministry of justice.  

The priorities of the Ministry are based on the annual work plan.
General Laws Governing the Operations of the Administration Department:
Labor  Law, Employees’ Law, Civil Service Law, Law on Management of Financial Affairs and General Expenses, Regulation Auction and Cession, Regulation of overtime Working, Regulation of Employees Code of Conduct and Procedure to Address Complaints of Civil Service Employees.
Needs of Administrative Department:
The Administration Department has, up to now, provided numerous training sessions to its employees with a view to raising the human capacity within the Ministry.  In the future, the Department will continue to provide training to its employees to ensure that they meet the highest professional standards.
The Department continues to improvements to the Ministry’s infrastructure.
The Department continues to monitor and review its staffing needs