Department of Publication and Public Relations

The Department of Publications and Public Relations, is one the core departments of the Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This ministry is the concessionaire or copy right holder of the official gazette. The Ministry of Justice, on the basis of the provision of Article (40) of the Law on Manner of Processing, Publishing and Enforcing the Documents, for the purpose of awareness of the officials, staff members of the government departments and other citizens of the country, is obliged to publish in the official gazette, all the laws, legislative decrees and the documents of international law, to which Afghanistan has acceded, after approval/signature, or after which it is considered approved in accordance with the Article (94) of the Afghan Constitution.

This department is consisted of 2 sub-department and 2 sub-directorates:

  • Sub-department of the Official Gazette;
  • Sub-department of Public Relations;
  • Sub-directorate of Library;
  • Sub-directorate of Administration.

The main duties of the Department of Publications and Public Relations:

  • Organize, print and publish of the legislative documents in the official gazette;
  • Organize, print and publish trade-marks and the marks of registering the documents;
  • Organizing print-related works;
  • Organize, print and publish the “Mujala-i-Adalat” and the “Legal Awareness Monthly”;
  • Subscription to newspapers, news bulletins of other institutions and international organizations;
  • Establish relationship and coordination with other publishing organs and media;
  • Providing information to applicants;
  • Establish relationship with media;
  • Running the website and social media (Facebook, twitter and U-Tube) of MoJ;

Sub-department of the Official Gazette

The official gazette is the only official gazette of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Legislative documents, on the basis of provision of Article (44) of the Law on manner of Processing, Publishing and Enforcing the Legislative Documents in the Official Gazette, are published and distributed to all departments in the center and provinces.

  • Law, amendments, additions, repeal, deletion of its provisions, presidential decrees on signing and ratifications of both houses of the parliament about it;
  • Governments Legislative Decrees;
  • Treaties, agreements, international conventions and their protocols, documents of international law, that are ratified by both houses of the parliament, decrees of the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on signing and the ratifications of the parliament about them;
  • Decrees, amendments, additions, repeal and deletion of its provisions;
  • Regulation, amendments, additions, repeal and deletion of its provisions, and the ratifications of the government;
  • Statute, amendments, additions, repeal and deletion of its provisions, and the ratifications of the government;
  • Government ratifications of the legislative nature;
  • Bills and procedures, amendments, additions, repeal and deletion of its provisions, and the ratifications of the government;
  • Characteristics and registered trade-marks;

The Sub-department has 3 sub-directorates:

  • Sub-directorate of printing and commercials;
  • Sub-directorate of distribution and sales;
  • Sub-directorate of the “Adalat” periodical;

Sub-directorate of Printing and Commercials

  • Receiving soft copies of legislative documents for the purpose of print and publish in the official gazette of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Receiving hard copies as well as soft copies of commercials from the Directorate General of the Central Registry, Ministry of Commerce and Industries after its correction in the form of magazine, printed in the official gazette;
  • Receiving soft copies of the Adalat Monthly, and the Legal Awareness Monthly.

Sub-directorate of Distribution and Sales

  • Free distribution of the official gazettes in accordance with the quotas;
  • Free distribution of the official gazettes/enforced laws (State and sector institutions and individuals  who are recommended officially, may make application for the official gazettes that would then following the approval of the leadership of ministry, receive gazettes for free of charge).
  • Any person wishing to buy the publications and laws, may purchase on payment;
  • The official publications can be subscribed by the (governmental and non-governmental agencies and individuals) by paying the specific amount. The subscribers may receive the official publications and the Adalat Monthly, on monthly basis.

Sub-directorate of the Adalat Monthly

The Adalat Monthly is amongst the specialized publications of the ministry, in which academic, legal articles are made available to researchers and other interested individuals.

Sub-department of Publications and Public Relations

This sub-department has been established on the basis of strategic national relations policy of the National Unity Government in 1394, and the strategy of relations of the Ministry of Justice 1396. It functions according to the Strategy of the Law and Justice of the Ministry of Justice, the Law of Access to Information and the Law of Mass media. This sub-department acts as the spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice and is the responsible authority of providing information of the Ministry of Justice. It also acts as the provider of information for those who demand, runs the official website as well as the social media, preparing speeches of the Minister of Justice, providing information to media, conduction press conferences, establishing relations with media are amongst the main tasks of this sub-department.

Methods of Providing Information by this sub-department:

  • Convening press conferences;
  • Communications with media;
  • Replying e-mails;
  • Preparing newsletters;
  • Publishing via the website;
  • Publish in social media (Facebook, twitter and U-Tube)
  • Distribution of applications for information;
  • Direct relations with individuals;
  • Participation in the social, civil, cultural and media programs.

Sub-directorate of Library

This sub-directorate has established for the purpose of organizing, monitoring and better maintaining of the library. The main duties of this sub-directorate is identifying the needs of the library, monitoring and listing the books on the basis of documents and monitoring the distribution of awareness, legal and other publications and newspapers.

Sub-directorate of Administration

This sub-directorate carries out administrative services and other functions that are in accordance with the policy of the ministry.