Financial and Administrative Department:

The Financial and Administrative Department, is one of the central departments of the Ministry of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This department was established under the structure of the Ministry in 1962.  

Formation of Financial and Administrative Department:

The Administrative and Financial Department, has Four (4) Sub departments and One (1) Administrative Management.

  • Sub department of Services: this Sub department has in its formation, One general management of transport post, Four (4) management posts (maintenance management, club management, voucher payment and consumption of lubricants management, vocational technique management), Seven (7) posts of officers (club officer, maintenance officer, Two posts for registration of clients/visitors, order and consumption of lubricants officer, technical officer), Two (2) posts of cook and assistant of cook, Six (6) posts of skilled workers, Twenty Five (25) posts of drivers and Nineteen (19) posts of service staff.
  • Sub department of Goods Inventory; this Sub department has in its formation Two (2) posts of general management (general management of stockroom/store house, general management of goods inventory), Five (5) posts of management (estate management, stockroom/store house database management, goods inventory management, Two (2) posts of stockroom/store house management), Three (3) posts of stockroom/store house keeper (lubricants keeper, stationary keeper, building essentials keeper) and Two(2) stock keeper subordinate posts (stationary keeper subordinate, lubricants keeper and damage repair subordinate).  
  • Sub department of Information Technology: this Sub department has in its formation Four (4) posts of specialists (Server and Network Specialist, Administrative Equipment and IT Specialist, Troubleshooting and Repair Specialist, Software Systems Survey Specialist) One (1) post of software engineer, One (1) post of network preservation in charge, and One (1) post of documents and liaison officer.  
  • Financial and Calculation Sub department: this Sub department in its formation has One (1) post of general management of budget, Two (2) posts of salaries management, One (1) post of revenues management, One (1) post of voucher payment, One (1) post of office management, One (1) post of central and provincial allocations management, One (1) post of developmental budget management, One (1) post of payment officer, One (1) post of voucher payment officer, One (1) post of central allocations officer, One (1) post of provincial allocations officer, One (1) post of revenues collection officer, One (1) post of office management officer and Three (3) posts of cashier ( revenues cashier, salaries cashier, expenses cashier).
  • Administrative management: this management in its formation has Two (2) posts of officers.

Main Purpose of Financial and Administrative Department:  

To provide transparent, useful and effective administrative, financial, logistic services, information technology facilities for all staff of the Ministry and the clients.

Main Duties of Financial and Administrative Department:

  • Managing budget allocations for central and provincial offices;
  • Collection of revenues of the Ministry and depositing them to the General Revenue Account of the State;
  • Preparing ordinary and developmental annual budget of the Ministry;
  • Preparing and organizing statistical plans of the Ministry;
  • Providing transportation services for employees;
  • Preserving the Ministry’s properties;
  • Providing information technology facilities;