Ministry of Justice Commemorates 8th of March in a Frist National Conference on Contextualizing Women’s Status in Afghanistan

In this conference, convened by the Ministry of Justice to celebrate the “World Women’s Day”, a number of high ranking government authorities, representatives of Kabul based embassies, international organizations, professors, researchers and activists of the women’s rights.

The National Conference on contextualizing Women’s Status in Afghanistan, was the first conference celebrated the “World Women’s Day” in an exceptionally manner. In the first session, high ranking officials of government elaborated on the achievements of their respective departments in promoting the status of women, and answered to the questions of participants.

In the second panel, four writers, out of ten best ones presented the findings of their researches about the status of women in Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that out of sixty research papers sent to the secretariat of the conference, ten of them were chosen as the best articles, and amongst them, three articles were declared eligible for prizes.

The Minister of Justice, expressing appreciation to Dr. Zakia Adeli, the Deputy Minister of Justice for convening this conference and said: “Presence of women in the high ranking administrative levels of this ministry, is not only symbolic, but they have acquired these positions as a result of their competence, and in many cases, they represent the ministry in the best possible way. Also, he promised to create and provide more opportunities in the Huqooq Department and other departments for women.

Dr. Mirwais Balkhi, the Minister of Education also termed the convening of such conferences, an effective and useful initiative for the society. He, further talked about the achievements of the Ministry of Education in strengthening the status of women. Following that, Ms. Spozhmay, the Deputy Minister (Policy) of the Ministry of Women Affairs, and Mrs. Aneesa Rasooli, Director General of the Appeallant Court to Combat Severe Crimes, talked about the achievements of their respective institutions about women.

At the end, Dr. Zakia Adeli, the Deputy Minister (Social Affairs) of the Ministry of Justice, while thanking the guests for their participation and the organizers for their efforts, summed up the important objectives as follow: 1) providing opportunity of accountability of government authorities, particularly, in their performances to promote the status of women in Afghanistan, 2) increasing motivation of interested persons in researching on women, 3) scientific pathology on status women in Afghanistan, 4) producing and publishing of everlasting scientific-research articles. It is to be mentioned that the best articles will be published and distributed widely to the interested individuals and researchers.