Senior Psychology Specialist to Build the Capacity of JRCs Psychologists

Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar, the Minister of Justice of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met Dr. Laila Schwartz- a psychologist in the Boston University of the United States
America. In this meeting, the Minister of Justice talked on the situation of the Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers and the need to provide psychological treatment to the delinquent children. Ms. Laila, who has experience of working with the delinquent children in the United State, called the situation of rehabilitation centers of Afghanistan satisfactory and expressed readiness to provide psychological treatment to these children. He also showed preparedness to upgrade the professional capabilities of the psychologists of rehabilitation centers.

The Minister of Justice underlined the importance of providing psychological treatment to the delinquent children in Afghanistan, and expressed his gratitude to Ms. Laila for offering cooperation in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that, at present, a number of psychologists are providing psychological services to the children in the rehabilitation centers all over Afghanistan.